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1st Conference on Sustainable Banking & Finance CSBF 2023 – June 23

University Of Naples “Parthenope”, Naples (Italy)


Over the last few years, the threats about climate change have dramatically increased because of the sharp intensification of the frequency and impact of natural catastrophes across the globe. While the politicians in many countries have proclaimed a “climate emergency”, financial markets’ participants and financial regulators are gaining awareness about the role they can play in stopping global warming and the effects that climate change may have on the stability of the financial sector.

Conference Objective

Against this backdrop, the goal of this conference is to contribute to the literature on environmental topics related to the functioning of financial systems and corporate governance. The aim is the collection of both qualitative and quantitative studies that analyze the interaction between global warming, financial institutions and their relationships with firms and regulators. In particular, we would like to encourage academics, from different disciplines, to provide theoretical contributions and empirical evidence that document the phenomenon under investigation but also provide new insights and pioneering results.

This conference is organized in collaboration with the European Commission – Joint Research Centre

Organising Committee

Francesca Battaglia – University of Naples Parthenope
Claudio Porzio – University of Naples Parthenope
Dario Salerno – University of Naples Parthenope
Gabriele Sampagnaro – University of Naples Parthenope


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