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Invito a sottoporre una proposta di capitolo al volume “How to Manage Finance for Society” (Routledge Business for Society Series)

Care colleghe e cari colleghi,

collegarsi ai maggiori convegni internazionali è sempre più importante, così come dialogare con colleghi impegnati negli studi di management. Coerentemente con questi scopi, qui di seguito la proposta (da condividere se ritenete nei vostri network nazionali e internazionali) di sottoporre un capitolo per un progetto di volume di cui sono co-editor, sviluppato nell’ambito della SIG 01_Business for Society di EURAM 

Vi ringrazio dell’attenzione e vi saluto molto cordialmente

Daniele Previati

Dear Colleague,
I hope this message finds you well. Following our engaging discussions at the EURAM 2024 symposium and competitive paper sessions on Finance for Society topics, I am delighted to extend an invitation to you and your colleagues to contribute a chapter to the forthcoming book in the Business for Society Series, titled “How to Manage Finance for Society: Meeting the Grand Challenges of the New Millennium.
The book seeks to explore the complex relationship between management, finance, sustainable development, environmental protection, and social well-being from a stakeholder perspective. As we navigate the evolving landscape of sustainable investment and finance, the integration of better social outcomes with improved financial performance is becoming increasingly critical. The ongoing social crises, exacerbated by unsustainable financial models and climate change, necessitate a fresh approach to financial management for societal benefit. This volume will delve into new opportunities and the challenges they present in terms of cultural preparedness, information asymmetries, risk assessment, operational tools, and governance models, paving the way for further research and highlighting the transformative role of sustainable finance management.
How to Contribute: We invite interested academics and practitioners to submit their chapter proposals, detailing the research focus, methodology, and expected contributions. Please submit your proposal by July 19, 2024, at this link:
For additional information and any queries, please refer to the attached flyer or do not hesitate to contact the editors using the contact details provided in the flyer.
We look forward to receiving your contribution,
Best Regards

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