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Adeimf Brown Bag Seminars

FinTech, digital banking and alternative finance

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Thursday 30 March 2023 - FinTech, digital banking and alternative finance

13:00-14:30 (Time Zone CEST Europe/Rome)

    Plenary Room   FinTech, digital banking and alternative finance

    La presentazione prevede:

    • 15 minuti per gli autori
    • 5 minuti per il discussant
    • 5 minuti per le domande


    • Facets of Digital Financial Divide in the European Banking Industry: Do FinTech and Covid-19 outbreak matter?
      Presenters: Greta Benedetta Ferilli, Egidio Palmieri
      Authors: Greta Benedetta Ferilli, Egidio Palmieri, Valeria Stefanelli, Stefano Miani
      Discussant: Lucrezia Fattobene
    • When a graph is (or not?) worth a thousand words: a US study on financial graph literacy and financial behaviour
      Presenter: Lucrezia Fattobene
      Authors: Lucrezia Fattobene, Candida Bussoli
      Discussant: Davide Sandretto
    • Is financial literacy a protection tool from online fraud in the digital era?
      Presenter: Davide Sandretto
      Authors: Eleonora Isaia, Noemi Oggero, Davide Sandretto
      Discussant: Egidio Palmieri

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