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The 4th Crypto Asset Lab Conference (CAL2024) and Call for Papers

The 4th Crypto Asset Lab Conference and Call for Papers

Crypto-assets and CBDC challenges

We are thrilled to announce the 4th Crypto Asset Lab Conference -CAL2024- on January 11-12, 2024, at the University of Milano-Bicocca (Hybrid event)

CAL2024 is proudly organized by the CryptoAsset Lab (a joint research initiative between the University of Milano-Bicocca and the Digital Gold Institute) and the European Commission-Joint Research Centre.

We have the pleasure to announce:

  1. Our keynote speakers, Evgeny Lyandres, Professor of Finance and Head of Hogeg Blockchain Research Institute at Tel Aviv University, and  Donato Masciandaro, Professor of Economics, Bocconi University
  2. a round table on “Designing a governance for a token economy in a Decentralized era” in which distinguished panellists will speak: Riccardo De Caria, Professor of Economic Law, University of Torino; Silvio Vismara, Professor of Corporate Finance, University of Bergamo; Paul Momtaz, Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance, TUM School of Management; Edoardo Martino, Professor of Law, Amsterdam Center for Law and Economics; Yuliia Guseva, Professor of Law, Rutgers Law School; Luca Fantacci, Professor of Economic History, University of Milan
  • sections dedicated to the paper presentations

Important deadlines:

Registration and fees

Registration link:


PhD students (by Jan 10, 2024) 65 €

General admission:

Early bird (by Nov 21, 2023) 90 €

Regular (by Dec 21, 2023) 120 €

Latecomer (by Jan 10, 2024) 150 €

Registration fees will cover refreshments and lunches during the event.

CAL2024 website and call for paper:


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