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Deadline 10th January 2023_Euram 2023_T01_ 05 – Finance for Good: Financial Literacy, Education and Sustainability

Dear colleagues and friends,

together with other colleagues (Umberto Filotto, University Tor Vergata Rome Italy; Francesco Gangi, Università degli Studi della Campania, Luigi Vanvitelli, Department of Economics; Jérôme MERIC, IAE-University of Poitiers; John Wilson, Saint Andrews University) I organized a track within the next EURAM 2023  Conference, held in Dublin 14-16 June 2023. The track is focused on financial literacy and education, sustainability and other related topics. You can find informations about the track in the attached pdf files and you can submit your research papers (deadline 10th January 2023).

Don’t hesitate to contact me and other colleagues for any clarification you need

Thanks so much for you kind attention, best wishes for Christmas to you and  to your families







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