Gentili tutti,

sperando di fare cosa gradita, vi segnalo il convegno “ENVIRONMENTAL FINANCE FOR THE COMMON GOOD” che si terrà a Londra il 31 Marzo e 1 Aprile 2022.

Il call for paper include i seguenti temi:

  • How firms respond to ESG issues
  • How to build resilience to climate change impact in developing countries
  • To identify emerging ESG issues from corporate sustainability disclosure
  • Investing for impact
  • ESG investing and integration
  • Responsible investment: Exploring the social dimension of ESG
  • Capital allocation to improve the sustainability of investments
  • How to finance the environmental transition in developing economies
  • The impact of green banks in mobilizing investments
  • The role of artificial intelligence in supporting environmental transition/finance
  • Debt-for-climate swaps

Key dates
Submissions close: February 20th 2022
Decisions on acceptance: February 28th 2022
Registration Deadline accepted author: March 7th 2022
Registration for attendees of the workshop and the evening public event is free but mandatory. It is open until March 29th 2022.

A questo indirizzo tutti i dettagli:

Un cordiale saluto,
Alessandra Tanda






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