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I docenti di Economia dei Mercati e degli Intermediari Finanziari sentono che, per esercitare concretamente i propri diritti di cittadinanza, le persone devono possedere un set di conoscenze, ma ancor più di competenze, riferite ai mercati, alle istituzioni ed agli strumenti finanziari. Per questo ADEIMF si è impegnata nella realizzazione di micro-lezioni diffuse via WEB, sui termini più importanti ed impiegati in finanza.
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<span>Video Enciclopedia WEB</span>

JFMI The Journal of Financial Management, Markets and Institutions Permanent Call For Papers

The Editorial Board welcomes submissions of papers to be considered for future JFMI publication.
The mission of the JFMI is to provide new insights that can significantly contribute to advancing knowledge regarding financial institutions, markets and corporate finance. Potential contributions should address useful research questions, have a sound and robust research design and a rigorous methodological approach. They can be of an empirical, analytical, or clinical nature. The Journal encourages the submission of papers which are based on a multidisciplinary approach that reflects the diversity of the different research areas in finance.

The JFMI publishes papers that have been accepted by the Editorial Board after a double-blind peer-reviewed process. The Journal’s Editorial Board is committed to an effective, accurate, transparent and rapid review process. To this end, a global team of Associate Editors supports the Editorial Board ( in the reviewing process.
Papers must be submitted electronically at the following web page address:
Please note that this is a Permanent Call for Papers and Authors can send their scientific papers without any specific submission deadline.